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Somali Youth United aims connect to San Diego University students with the Somali youth students, creating a link to our college level educated Somali students with K-12 students. SYU also encourages to create connection with the community and the San Diego State University lifestyle. We feel this will encourage other Somali parents to set a standard of success for their own children.

Somali Youth United can instill a sense of community service and involvement to the SDSU students, by being their community portal when they need assistance from a well experienced nonprofit organization.

Educational Opporuntiy Programs and Ethnic Affairs program is one of the most valuable assest students at San Diego State Univeristy have avaiable to them. This program mentors, tutors and assist students in graduating from San Diego State for free. Stop by the EOP office today, you will be glad you did, are ready to help you.

Q-What are the benefits of joining EOP?
A-EOP’s goals and objectives are in assisting low income college students.  There are many comprehensive services available to assist students in reaching academic success and graduation. At SDSU some of the main benefits include receiving: 

  • Academic Counseling
  • Free Academic Tutoring
  • Access to an EOP student exclusive Computer Lab and study lounge
  • And an EOP Grant up to $1,000 per year.
*You are only able to apply to EOP prior to starting at SDSU.

Black Student Science Organization Mission:
The primary purpose is to give academic and social support to African-American students. The secondary purpose is to be of service to the community on and off campus.

BSSO History

The BSSO was originally founded at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) campus. It soon flourished and found its way to the San Diego State University campus in 1992 as a club. The organization was founded to give support to the African American students majoring on the sciences. In the fall of 1994 the BSSO club was reorganized by Will Wilson, along with the help of Michelle Johnson, Lawrence Stitt, Todd Williams, and Kris Brown.

Photos / Videos

December 7, 2009:

San Diego State University hosted Silent Cry committed from United Kingdom to bring an unprecedented attention to the current struggles that behalf's the Ogaden Community region, which currently inhabits ogaden people, as well as many other ethnicties. Silent Cry film was showed to the audience followed with an intense Question and Answers session, and an outstanding plea of action from everyone as a community. " Every one needs to get involved and take action against the oppression that is currently taking place in the Ogaden region by the Ethiopian government" this was the message that I felt resonated with me after watching the short film documentary Silent Cry. Below are few pictures of the audience, one can not help but notice the amount of diversity displayed in these photos, how we as students of the future can come together and be agents for change.


















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