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Somalia has been in turmoil since 1993, it is time for change. Please educate your children about Somali's history. I urge every parent to contribute to their children and fellow brethren their memories of Somali. Somali is been drenched in 20 years of bloodshed, 20 years of death, scandal, destruction mayhem, people of Somali, Please cleanse yourselves of tribalism, of the hate, of the indecency of backbiting. The least all somali parents can do is to not transcend a campaign of hate, and tribalism to your children. No one man is better than another, no one tribe is superior than another, for those that believe their clan or tribe is truly the best or superior, than I ask them to look in the mirror, for they are responsible for the current tragedy of war that befalls the somali country today. Seek your brethens out, and unite as one people, one country, one religion. Somali is almost in its 52nd Independence day anniversary.



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