Welcome to Somali Youth United official website. Somali Youth United is a community based organization in San Diego California. This organization's focus is on bringing unity to the community through various activities including community outreach, youth empowerment, intellectual conferences, and a host of other programs. SYU encourages all youth to become active participants in their communities to bring about change and civic involvement. Our goal is to empower and demonstrate nationalistic pride as well as instill a sense of gratitude among our youth to be involved in our community through various activities. Please come back often to stay up to date to www.somaliyouthunited.org for more pictures, news and upcoming events in San Diego.

Somali Youth United would like to meet you. Everyone is welcome to participate and get involved in this nonprofit organization which strives to be a role model for our San Diego community members. Your presence is wanted here; please feel free to join us in our effort to strengthen our fellow brothers' and sisters' sense of worth.

Somali Youth United Honored by

Board of Supervisors of San Diego County :

10th Annual Somali American Cultural Fest!

Thursday June 26, 2014

Send us an email, Vendor Booth applications being accepted now.

Photos for 8th Annual Somali Cultural Fest Now Available. Click here. 

Current Events: May 16, 2014- Mental Health Awareness- at the UDWA Community Hall 4855 Seminole Drive San Diego, CA 92115-6PM-8PM

Join us for the 10th Annual Somali Amerian Cultural Fest- Thursday June 26, 2014 at the Market Creek Plaza- 3pm-8pm.

Somali Youth United is excited to introduce a new technology geared program. P.L.A.Y.

PLAY somali youth united

People Learning Around You: the goal of this program is to introduce our youth to technology in a innovative yet personal way that encourages learning and exploration. PLAY simply consists of two week loan program in which individuals that volunteer with us are able to check out small electronic gadgets such as the ipad, handheld camcorder and digital camera for two weeks. Individuals are encouraged to use the products to share with us what type of creative ideas that they can create with these small electronics tools. Somali Youth United will post their work on this web site, our facebook, and youtube channel. Have a product in mind that will unleash your creative talent, send us an email requesting that product and we will see what we can do in getting it. Certain restrictions apply to the individuals that are granted the loan of equipment. Parent signature is required for minors.


Reality Changers moved to a new headquarters in City Heights in April 2008 and became California’s leading tutoring program for scholarships in June 2009.

In 2011, Reality Changers launched its new social enterprise, College Apps Academy.  This mission-driven endeavor offers college application assistance to ALL high school school students.  For every full-paying customer in College Apps Academy, Reality Changers can serve up to five inner-city students for free.  This expansion of services will lead Reality Changers to have nearly as many graduates in 2012 as the program has had in its first ten years of existence.

Free to all high school students, application is online on their website, click logo above. Its your responsibility to your children to and to yourself to take the next step and apply for this program.



Combating Obesity:

Manageable disease through awareness.

Can lead to Diabetes, Heart Disease, & Hypertension.

Educating your children in how to choose the right food to consume is as important as teaching your children to stay away from drugs. Somali Youth United believes that proper nutrition awareness can decrease the obesity epidemic facing our children.

Watch your diet, lower calories intake, walk 30 minutes daily.

Increase fruit and Vegetable intake. Somali community eats meat and paste and rice daily, we should mix our meals, meat one day, fish the next and so forth.

Somali Youth United is available for any questions, and is here to provide assistance to get you the right answers to any health questions. We will forward your questions to local doctors and health professionals. Please email us or call us.

Obesity awareness February 2012 at Somali Youth United office. Somali Youth United is available by appointment to discuss obesity and how to combat it.

Somali Youth United is a STAR.





USA for UNHRC- UN Refugee Agency needs your help.

Please support UN for Refugee Agency. Somali Youth United would like to urge our community to donate to the UNHRC. Please support the UN for Refugee Agency in any way possible, add them on your facebook, and twitter page, spread the word, donate regardless of the amount of money.  


Somali Independence 2009 Video Trailer-Kana Siib Kana Saar.


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Free Local Programs

Reality Changers

Reality Changers-Free college access assistance -Free tutoring, college prep, apply now. This program has a 95 percent success in getting your kids into a university. Click here to access their website and application. Address: City Heights

3910 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92105.

Family Health Clinic

LA MAESTRA-City Heights- Free Health Care access for low income households. Free preventive care and health testing and screening.

Address: City Heights

4060 Fairmount Ave, San Diego, CA 92105

SEEK Engineering 4 KIDS !

SDGE- save 35% on your bill.

LifeLine -Low Cost Home Phone

Free Tutoring- Call or Email SYU.


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